New Year and New Territories

Happy New Year to you all. It’s not long since we last sent out a newsletter but we wanted to let you know about some of our plans for 2011.

… in the USA

We have been invited to showcase at this years SXSW Festival which takes place in Austin, Texas (USA). It’s a massive opportunity for us to visit the US and perform and couldn’t have been done without the help of our label Monotreme Records nor from without the funding and support that we are kindly receiving from the PRS Foundation.

We will be performing an official showcase at the festival but we have still not yet determined where the showcase will be. Obviously we will let people know as soon as possible.

Are you going to SXSW? Do you know someone who is going? If so, let us know. We are very keen to meet with people in the US who are interested in working with Nedry in the future. Also, if you know of anything that you think Nedry should be involved with at SXSW, be it events, conferences and/or day parties, showcases etc, we would greatly appreciate your advice and support. It’s a big step for a band that manages itself with limited resources to travel to what looks to be a very exciting but also somewhat intimidating festival. We hope to hear from you, or see you out there!

… in Japan

Our debut album Condors will be getting a full release in Japan in March through Zankyo Records. We’re still discussing plans but it looks like we are going to be returning to Japan (our second time there) in early May. More info on that soon we hope.

… in the studio

Winter is a great time for creativity. We’re working on new material, trying new directions and experimenting with our sound. We cant wait to get some of that material out into the public but it takes time and hard work to do it well. Exciting times are ahead!

… in demand

After our last newsletter we were overwhelmed by the response for the Apples and Pears Limited Edition CD. Thanks so much to everyone that grabbed a copy. We still have some available by visiting our online webshop at Big Cartel. Of course you can find other Nedry merch there too including CD/Vinyl of Condors and various tees etc.

Have a great 2011

All things 2012!

As 2012 is quickly coming to an end it seems like a good time to reflect on the year that’s passed and send a friendly reminder about all new things Nedry-shaped for you to check out.

Gig-wise we had quite a quiet year, only venturing out on a short but sweet UK tour in April, some of which was filmed and can be seen on our Youtube channel – Here. In the meantime here are some nice photos taken at the Lexington gig c/o Bela Molnar.

However, in terms of our releases (as the actress said to the bishop) it’s been our busiest year to date. With a 2nd full-length album, remix compilation, guest mixes for Clash Magazine and Amazing Radio, not to mention other remixes popping up here and there, there’s almost definitely something we’ve strived hard to produce that you’ve yet to hear. And we’ve gathered it all together here, just wait for those pesky soundcloud windows to load and listen to your hearts content!


We start with these 2 rare tracks that you can download for free:

In A Dim Light Bonus Tracks by nedrymakesmusic

Both outtakes from the ‘In a Dim Light’ album sessions, a few of you might have heard them around the time of the album release in March, however they didn’t get an official release of sorts. ‘Hyphy Traits’ and ‘Post Six (Sketch Version)’ are now free for all to download now from Soundcloud. Consider it our Xmas gift to you!


In this crowded and rapidly evolving world of ‘modern music’ it’s easy to get lost in the noise and escape people’s attention the first time around. That’s one of the reasons it’s heartwarming to read this lovely article from the king of UK music webzines – Drowned In Sound, all about how our 2nd album ‘In A Dim Light’ is one of the hidden treasures of 2012. When we made this album we hoped that the finished article would offer something new on each listen, not just an instant hit, but a grower that latches onto you and keeps you coming back – in the spirit of our favourite albums basically. It’s nice to read words that support that idea and we very much hope you like it too!

In A Dim Light

So – In A Dim Light is available on delux 180gm black and white vinyl (including free poster and CD) and also on CD and MP3/WAV formats via these links:

Monotreme Store


Spotify (listen before you buy option)

Nedry Remix Collection

Ok, so you’ve heard the album and checked out the additional tracks, can I offer you some remixes too? For simplicities sake we’ve gathered together all the remixes we’ve done and made this soundcloud playlist. Many of these tasty morsels were released in 2012, there’s bound to be something here you’ve yet to hear. Links to the artists and releases are on our soundcloud page, go forth and check them out too!

Nedry Remixes by nedrymakesmusic


Something else you might not know is that in May of this year, Monotreme Records put out a collection of our favourite remixes by other artists. All the bands/artists put their unique stamp on these songs from ‘In A Dim Light’ and created dark and beautiful reversions that shine a new light on our ideas.

Nedry ‘In A Dim Light Remixed’ album by Monotreme Records

It’ll be available on Itunes (and all other good digital webstores) from Monday 17th December. To accompany this album we made a 30 minute guest mix for the excellent radio station Amazing Radio which you can check out here on Mixcloud, the stream also features a short interview with Chris. It hopefully serves as a great introduction to the album.

If that still hasn’t satisfied your appetite…

…how about these recent remixes by Ekocam (Chris Amblin) and Earthkeptwarm (Matt Parker)?

Crosses – Bermuda Locket (Ekocam Remix) by chrisamblin

Death Grips – Klink [Earthkeptwarm 5 Hour Remix] by okoooho

Or some 8 Bit versions of the album?

In a 8 Bit by nedrymakesmusic

We also did an in-depth interview and mix of our favourite music of late for the Clash Music website, which you can read here. Surely this will satisfy all your Nedry curiosity for now!

Thanks for all your continued support, we’ve been busy, even if it’s often ‘under the radar’, thanks for listening and happy holidays!