On The Road This Autumn

August has been a very strange month for all of us in Nedry. In the Spring, we dropped everything to tour to let people know about our music and our album Condors. We found ourselves touring all over the UK, sleeping in some of the UK’s most fragrant Travelodges and racking up the miles in our trusted people carrier. We then motored up and down Italy, where we went from playing at a super-club with thousands of people to setting up our own PA in the back room of a cafe. Our Tour Manager had the thrill of driving for several hours well over the speed limit in the pouring rain as not to miss our ferry home. Our short but incredible tour of european festivals saw us at Sonar with the BBC, in Roskilde with a complimentary bottle of Jack Daniels as well as Latitude, Truck and Farm fest back in the UK. This August however, we’ve not played a single show and reality has hit.

The best remedy seemed obvious. Buy more stuff and make more music. Turns out that it’s harder than it sounds! Ideas are starting to materialise though and we’re going to be hitting the road again this Autumn to see what you think of some of our new sounds (and because it’s really really fun!)

Live in the UK

We’ve booked us a handful of shows in the UK for October. We’ll be playing at one of our favourite venues in London, Corsica Studios, with the awesome Drum Eyes. We’ll be repaying a visit to Cardiff to see what SWN Festival is all about and make a return to Leeds and the ever classy Brudenell Social Club for the excellent Brainwash Festival with Dosh and others. Before all that, we’ll be at the Roundhouse for the Turning Point Festival in September for a little teaser of what we’re working on, thanks to Eat Your Own Ears.

Sun, 19 September: Turning Point Festival @ The Roundhouse – London, UK

Wed, 20 October: Corsica Studios w/Drum Eyes – London, UK

Thu, 21 October: SWN Festival @ The Barfly – Cardiff, UK

Fri, 22 October: Brainwash V Festival @ Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK

Hopefully we’ll be able to wrap up the Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th too and make the full set! Get in touch if you want to book us!

Live in Europe

Even sweeter than all of the above is that we’re going to be hitting Northern Europe with our friends 65daysofstatic who have kindly invited us to tag along for most of their EU Livejasmin tour! We’ll be joined by Tall Ships for most of the shows as well as Civil Civic. Having supported 65dos around the UK earlier this year, we’re super excited to join them again. It just didn’t feel long enough last time and it means 65's Joe might finally get to realise his life-long ambition of joining us on stage for a rendition of Scattered!

We’ve got a few dates out on our own too and we need your help filling them. Get in touch if you want to see us play in your hometown!

Sun, 7 Nov: Effenaar – Eindhoven, NL

Mon, 8 Nov: Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE

Tue, 9 Nov: Lido – Berlin, DE

Wed, 10 Nov: Redos – Nysa, PL

Thu, 11 Nov: Conne Island – Leipzig, DE

Fri, 12 Nov: tbc

Sat, 13 Nov: tbc

Sun, 14 Nov: tbc

Mon, 15 Nov: tbc

Tue, 16 Nov: Nouveau Casino – Paris, FR

Wed, 17 Nov: Les Trinitaires – Metz, FR

Thu, 18 Nov: La Botanique – Brussels, BE

Fri, 19 Nov: Melkweg – Amsterdam, NL

With 65daysofstatic and Civil Civic

With 65daysofstatic and Tall Ships

That’s about all the news I can handle right now. Hope to see you at a show soon and we all hope you enjoy the new songs!

Shhh! Cancelled

We’re sorry to report that the ‘Shhh!’ all-dayer we were due to appear at this Sunday has been cancelled. This is particularly sad for us as we haven’t played a headline London show since April and were really keen to do so.

Apologies to anyone who bought tickets, you can get a refund, there’s an announcement from the promoter here.

We’ve got one last UK festival for the Summer, Farm Fest – which kicked off today. We’ll be playing at 7pm tomorrow, can’t wait!

After that we are taking some time off playing live to concentrate on writing new material and generally return to normal life. We’ll be back in the autumn with more touring and new songs for you to hear. Thanks to everyone who has come to see us play, sent us kind messages and supported us over the past few months, it’s been pretty special.

UK Festival Flurry

After two incredible experiences at top European festival’s (Sonar and Roskilde – pictured above), we’re now looking at a run of great UK festivals over the next 3 weekends. Hope to see you at one of them, here’s some essential info:

Latitude festival is this weekend! It takes place in Suffolk over three days and the sheer number of acts and comedians performing is quite overwhelming. If you don’t have a Livesexchat ticket yet, I’m afraid it’s too late, it sold out weeks ago.

However, if you do have a ticket, we recommend you come check out the Lake Stage. Curated by the BBC Introducing team, headed up by Radio One’s Huw Stephens, it features some of the best emerging acts in the UK and we were delighted to have been chosen for a slot.

Our STAGE TIME is SATURDAY: 6.45pm – 7.15pm (LAKE STAGE)

Playing directly before us is the superb Zun Zun Egui whom we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with before in Italy. Not to be missed!

We’re delighted to be playing Truck for the third year in a row! Our first ever show was at Truck 2008, so this always brings back fond memories. Truck is an excellent, independently run festival, based on Hill Farm in Steventon, near Oxford. It boasts 5 stages with a great scope of musical talent. Taking place on the 24th/25th July, this years acts include the unmissable 65daysofstatic, Mew, This Town Needs Guns, Future Of The Left and about 100 other great acts.

Our STAGE TIME is SUNDAY: 4.30pm – 5.10pm (BEAT HIVE STAGE)

You can still get tickets here. There’s a whole array of options, day tickets, weekend tickets, teenage and minor tickets etc. Very nicely done and all for a reasonable price.

On 30th / 31st July Farm Festival will celebrate it’s 5th birthday. And we’re excited that we’ll be there to join in the Jasmin live festivities. Like Truck, this festival stands strong behind it’s independent values and the organisers work very hard to keep the ticket cost low (a mere £35!! – meaning you could go to Farm Fest 5 times for the price of a Glastonbury ticket!). It’s famous for putting on bands who went on to be massive (Friendly Fires and Post War Years both played in recent years), so you should expect to see some very good upcoming talent. It takes place on Gilcombe Farm in Sommerset and you can buy tickets here.


The following day (Sunday 1st August) we are in London for a very special all-day gig at the beautiful Cecil House in Camden. Hosted by our friends The Local and The Line Of Best Fit, this is a celebration of intimate and delicate music and we’ll be playing a headline set, perhaps focusing on our more ambient moments (although don’t expect a jazz odyssey just yet). Other acts include Kyte, Mark Hole, Treecreeper and a whole host of others, this is going to be very special indeed.

Tickets for the whole day are only £10. All the info is here. Feast your eyes…or should that be ears maybe?

We’re currently in the process of booking more shows for September and October and of course writing new material. Hope to see you all soon at one these festivals or a gig in your town, please come and say hello, we’re often lurking by the merch.

We’ve just been added to a pretty incredible bill of bands at Corsica Studios in London on October 20th, playing with Drum Eyes and Bo Ningen. Get your tickets here, this is going to sell out fast.

Seat Alhambra rumbles on

First up, we’re delighted to see a couple of live reviews pop up online, thanks guys!

Bristol Review

Manchester Review


Refreshed after a day at home, we pack the Nedrymobile and drive the 2 miles to tonight’s venue, the Shacklewell Arms. First gig in a while where we probably could have carried our equipment to the venue. It’s our hometown show, there’s rumours that it’s close to selling out, the supports are both ace choices, everything about this feels right.

However, not ones to bask in a good thing, when arriving at the venue we have some issues fitting ourselves onto the small stage, which we try solving by building an extra platform using a pile of flightcases and a block of concrete (smiles all round). Only problem is this means Matt will play a lot of the gig with his back to the rest of us, doh!

Moscow Youth Cult open the night with their synthy 80s electronica and grainy analogue imagery. The venue starts to fill out, the Red Stripe starts to take it’s course and we loosen up, I might even bust some robot moves. But unfortunately disaster strikes and their computer crashes mid-set, refusing to play ball after a restart. Feel really bad for these guys, we have had our share of crashes in the past, most notably when touring in Italy, when the sheer heat of playing in the back room of a cafe in late-May put our laptops into meltdown, it sucks. Ghost Eyes save the day by totally killing it, this band is quite frankly ace, as their set progresses they seem to get more comfortable, saving their prime material for last and the packed room laps it up. It’s not an easy job flowing these fellas.

Doing the Shacklewell Squeeze

After a hurried change over we make a start of a pretty difficult set of mostly new songs. We make a few mistakes, and our confidence is taking a beating, when things aren’t going perfectly you can pretty much tell by looking at us. Somewhere in the darkness ahead, there were definitely people dancing and wooping (thank you). Next time we play London we promise to smile a bit more!


Whenever we come to Nottingham we always seem to be within sight of Spanky Van Dykes, a ludicrously named bar and the place where we all got very drunk and danced to a 65daysofstatic DJ set many moons ago, it’s pretty much a tradition to get messed up in this town. Tonight is no exception, we play downstairs at ‘Stealth’, part of the fabulous Rescue Rooms / Rock City complex, a mere 30 second stroll from that depraved scene, it’s raining, there’s a gig on at the Rescue Rooms with 5 hair-metal bands, we sit outside enjoying some people watching and making our way through an extensive beer rider. We’re all a bit frustrated with our performance the previous night, all feeling like we could have played better at our hometown show.

Soundcheck goes great this time, the venue has a huge Turbosound rig and the bass onstage is making my eyeballs vibrate, the audience are going to be feeling this one in the gut. With a stage time of 11.30pm we wait around for a while, this is a club-night, no one will turn up until they’re well on their way to being ‘genocidal’. The support band goes on a bit late, they seem nice enough, but are a complete mismatch for us, playing Editors-ish Indie, but are clearly having a ball with it, so why not? Luckily they bring some mates, meaning the venue is no longer empty! By the time we go on the DJ in the upstairs room is pounding out some serious bass, more people have filed in, it becomes pretty obvious that this venue has no means of stopping the sound leak from room to room, we’re going to be competing with this filthy noise. But by this stage we are all feeling pretty merry and decide that we will give it everything, no long faces tonight and no quiet moments, a relentless 30 mins of Nedry at their most abrasive. It’s a fun show and this nice review pretty much sums it up. Thanks to all our Nottingham fans for coming and saying hello. We’ll be back soon.



We’re making the most of our day’s off playing, today we’re in Deptford in a studio with production company ‘Factory Fifteen‘ shooting a video for a new song called ‘Violaceae’! The start of quite a long process, today involved collecting shots of Ayu against a variety of backgrounds, she’ll be placed in a digital world of incredible detail. Checkout Factory Fifteen’s other work here for an idea of what to expect!

Video Shoot w/ Factory Fifteen

Matt & I tried to be helpful, but ended up amusing ourselves with a super-sized can of the legendary beverage ‘Power Horse’, which contains, and I quote “The Power of Emmanuel Adebayor, African footballer of the year 2008?, a thing of beauty.

Hot Sweat & A Long Drive + Ghosting Season Remix fun


Another blindingly hot day, what better time to drive into the centre of London? A mid day start at the Capitol Radio building for an XFM live session meant leaving East London at around 8.30am. Jokes aside we were all very nervous and excited for this. We last encountered John Kennedy when we were fortunate enough to play one of his Exposure nights at the Barfly back in March, he offered us a session then and there, but it’s taken us this long to be confident and happy enough with our new songs to agree to step behind the mic(rophones).

We were welcomed by engineer Chris Denman, a man who has recorded pretty much every live session for XFM in the past 11 years, that’s roughly 300 bands a year, with little or no assistance. Somehow he has retained his sense of humour and made us feel at ease, we returned the gesture by joking that he was about to have the easiest session of his life, we have no drum kit, a sole guitar amp and a few line level outputs. However Chris told us that Tom Vek could trump that, he turned up for an XFM session last week with literally a stereo output and one extra line for his vocals, piece of piss (that’s English for ‘easy’, I’m not trying to insult Vek here, I’m sure he’s a lovely chap).

The session went pretty smoothly, we chose to do 4 new songs, 2 of which we’d only be playing on this tour, so it was definitely a case of recording lots of takes and choosing the best one. Nerves got the better of us occasionally, but we’re really happy with the results and can’t wait for this to go on air! More info to come as and when we find out the air date, should be very soon hopefully!


Our third trip to Brighton, as always, featured a stroll to Pompoko, an awesome Japanese Restaurant in the centre of town. Highly recommended, even if you have to wait outside for a bit. Tonight’s show was at the fantastic Green Door Store, a fairly new venue that we’d checked out during the Great Escape earlier in the year, great sound system and a beautiful space.

Tuesday night is always a tricky one for getting people to come out and when we discovered that Apparat is playing a headline show here soon, we realised maybe we weren’t going to fill it! However a pleasant few did come out and local electronica crew Jacked In The Box kicked things off in style, highly recommend these guys, would be ace in a packed club. We played what felt like out tightest set of the tour so far, no doubt helped by the crystal clear sound and dim lights. It was a lot of fun, playing these new songs has given us a new energy, it’s so exciting to have more options when putting the setlist together and the positive reactions of the crowds has made us feel really great about the new material.


In a classic piece of Nedry planning, we were booked to play Manchester the day after Brighton, not an ideal distance to drive – but then you are looking at a band that drove from Turin to London in a day last year at the end of an exhausting tour of Italy, logistics aren’t always our strong point. When we do these long drives we try and improve things by finding a point of interest to stop at between places. A brief scan of the map and we decided on two options, Warwick or Stratford Upon Avon, we let Ayu decide and as she’d already satisfied her Shakespeare fetish in the past, it was off to Warwick Castle for us.

Matt did the first leg of driving and the fine weather quickly turned to strong wind and rain, not fun, however we’re enjoying the new Modeselektor and Emika albums on the car stereo and they seem to fit with darker skies. With only a couple of hours to wander around Warwick we figured that £20.50 per head for entrance to the Castle was probably not sensible. Instead we sat in the no man’s land of the entrance courtyard and ate last night’s rider of crisps and fruit, ROCK AND ROLL. A quick glace at wikipedia told Ayu all she needed to know, quickly observing that this was more a historic prison that a castle, we headed on to Manchester.

Tour diet continues

As we’ve mentioned on this blog before, we absolutely love playing in Manchester. The crowds are always really great to us and tonight was no exception. Firstly though, we have to mention the absolutely ace support bands, first on was VEI with his huge collection of pedals, triggers and various electronics, we’re told he never plays the same set twice and his gentle glitchy set was a perfect opening in this small, but perfectly formed room at the Castle Hote

As CYRIL SNEAR started their set the room filled and their gorgeous Tool-inspired math rock was both powerful and intriguing, definitely a pleasant surprise! As we set up our gear we knew this was going to be a fun gig, the crowd filed in and it was packed from front to back. Never before have we sweated so much, what a great show! We tried a slightly heavier set and this was a great choice, it was brilliant to see people throwing shapes at the front and nodding heads at the back. After an hour of non-stop sweat and head bobbing we let the last notes ring out and virtually collapsed on the tiny stage. Showers would be essential before tomorrow’s drive. Big thanks to all who came down to the show, it was one of our favourites for sure. We hope that London on Friday can match the energy and enthusiasm!


We recently did a remix of the Ghosting Season track ‘Far End Of The Graveyard’ and yesterday an exclusive preview of our remix appeared on the excellent Quietus Website. Here it is for your streaming pleasure, this was a fun track to do and we’re working on more remixes to appear over the coming months, watch this space people!

Far End of the Graveyard (Nedry’s Far End of the Scrapyard remix) by Ghosting Season

The track will appear on a forthcoming EP of remixes, available from Monday 10th October, follow Ghosting Season on Facebook for more info.

The Nautical Years


The Nedry UK tour has kicked off in style and there seems to be an unintentional nautical theme so far. Friday night’s gig was at the legendary Thekla venue in Bristol, an awesome boat that we’re told is now permanently moored at Bristol harbour. We started having romantic visions of sailing off into the sunset, but realised we could essentially be dreaming of life as a cruise ship band…however cash offers will be considered.

The gig was ace and a genuinely great way to kick off the tour. We have an affinity for this beautiful city as Chris lived there for the first 6 months of the year and as a result we recorded much of our new album a mere stroll from the city centre.

Already, even this early in the tour, we’ve had equipment casualties with Matt’s guitar pedal taking a beating and forcing some last minute gear fixing panic. We have no photographic evidence of the gig, but luckily we had Reuben from Venue filming the entire show in HD, so we should be able to reveal some awesome footage in a couple of weeks time. Big thanks to I Am Horse who came down and opened the show in style, a lot of fun.


After a very brief sleep we were on the road again, heading back to London for a gig beside the Thames, out the front of the marvelous Tate Britain. An early morning security briefing and soundcheck meant there wasn’t even time to stop at Reading services and debate the finest new energy drinks, what sort of tour is this!!?. Also, we’re in the midst of the hottest October since 500BC, so the news keeps mentioning, and although this was perfect for a gig outdoors, it was perhaps not ideal for a multi-arts event inside a gallery, I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t get much further than their local park on this balmy Saturday and we were extremely grateful to the pleasant few who did turn out!

A huge metal fence, plus Nedry

We should mention too that the staff at Loud Tate were a cut above the rest, what other gig do you arrive at with an amazing PA, free food and high level security?!

The poets look a bit fed up

We didn’t have much time to hang around, later that evening we were playing early at The Boat House in Cambridge for the Wish You Were Here festival. The Nedrymobile, which has been dormant in a garage for 3 months, was taking a beating! It’s largely in good nick, however we have discovered that the steering no longer does ‘full lock’ and the wheel will just keep on turning until you hear a pretty unpleasant crunching sound. No parking in tight spaces on this tour, or turning sharp bends.

A quick stop for sausage rolls and lucuzade and then we arrived with an hour to spare. Unfortunately our first impression of the venue was marred by the landlord telling the soundman to TURN IT DOWN. For a band that runs it’s entire setup via the PA, this did no bode well. Also, we appeared to be booked to play in the middle of a very civilised riverside pub and someone hadn’t mentioned this to the regulars, who looked a bit bemused by all of this. As we set up a collection of music fans gathered by the mixing desk and it felt like a nice atmosphere was growing. However this turned out to be our quietest ever gig, such a shame, we are incredibly sorry to the people of Cambridge who came to see us, we will try and return soon and play a venue without these limitations. We packed up feeling pretty gutted, but the knowledge that returning home was a mere hour and a half’s drive wasn’t so bad.

Sunday has been our day off, tomorrow we venture into XFM studios to record a session for future broadcast on John Kennedy’s Exposure show. Video footage and photos to come!

Vibe Bar

Nedry at The Vibe Bar

We’ve had a great couple of weeks and want to say a big thank you to all the people involved in the gigs in Cardiff, Brighton and London and most importantly all who came to see us play. Thank you – The Signature folks at 10 Feet Tall, The staff at Komedia for The Great Escape, These New Puritans and The Naked & Famous.

It’s hard to choose a stand out moment, but the atmosphere at the Lock Tavern on Sunday made it one of our all time favourite shows, a big thanks to Ant at God Don’t Like It for making that happen and the many who packed out the room!

We were lucky enough to get some video footage from a couple of the London shows, so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon. In the meantime our friend Andy Parker has put together this very nice video, recorded at The Great Escape.

We’re getting close to putting the final touches on our second album, but in between time in the studio we will be playing a handful of gigs in Cambridge, Winchester, The Lake District and London, not to mention our first ever trip to Romania in a couple of weeks! Check the Live page for all the latest. Please help us out with mixing and mastering costs by heading over to our Webstore and picking up a t-shirt or LP, every penny counts!

We’re especially excited about this headline show in London next month. Tell all your friends! The line-up is pretty special and tickets are only £5 in advance (buy now). Here is a link to the Facebook event page. See you there!